Drone Operators: Get Your Quote Today!

If you’ve kept up with our newsletters throughout 2018, you know that the drone insurance market continues to evolve and become more efficient. Carriers are adapting to the volume, rates are holding steady (contrary to the general aviation market), and the quoting process is becoming much easier. Now we’re thrilled to say that the quoting process is virtually as easy as it can possibly be. We now have the ability to turn the quoting process over to the operators!

This is a huge step forward, because operators don’t have to send in information or fill out an application, and they don’t have to wait for a quote or ask about other options, and so on. The old process, although we tried to make it as efficient as possible, was very clunky compared to what it is today. Now you can quote your own drone insurance 24/7, run every possible coverage scenario, see all premiums, review policy language, and even buy direct! And instant proof of insurance is provided at the end of the process.

If you have five minutes on a Sunday evening, you can have coverage in place for your job by Monday morning. You can even take advantage of our SmoothPay program, meaning monthly and quarterly billing options are available. For full-time commercial operators, it simply cannot be any easier. We launched this about a month ago, and we’ve already had dozens of people take advantage of it.

If you’re interested in trying it out, here’s the link.