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Staying Informed: September 2020

Why Light Aircraft Insurance Premiums Are Rising

We’ve written extensively for over a year now about the rising costs of premiums, and we have done our best...

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What If?

I never thought I’d have to use my insurance; now I’ve had a claim. What happens next? Will I still...

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Pilot Training: Your Bimonthly Reminder

If it’s one thing I’ll keep revisiting with borderline-annoying frequency, it’s pilot training. Not because of some soapbox stance on...

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Patience in a Hard (COVID-19) Market: A Virtue

Of all the unknowns and all the unpredictability from the last six months, at least one thing is universal and...

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Hurricane Preparedness Brochure

The hurricane season is here, and we hope every one of you is safe and secure. This brochure contains valuable...

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