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Squawk Box

Staying Informed: May 2018

The Pros and Cons of Using Your Local Field Mechanic vs. an Established 145 Repair Station

Let’s say the owner of an aircraft makes the decision to use a non-145 repair station and uses local mechanics...

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The Two Biggest Risks to Your Insurance Policy: Pilots and Training

Over the last several years, this topic has been as close to a recurring theme in Squawk Box as any....

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Aircraft Dry Lease: Best Practices

There are several situations when an aircraft owner may want to make their aircraft available to a third party. In...

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It’s Almost Spray Season!

Given that we’re about to hit full stride on spray season in the northern half of the US, I wanted...

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Rate Reductions: Across All Drone Insurance Platforms! 

As of May 1, we’ve taken yet another significant rate reduction across all drone insurance platforms! At a minimum, most...

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