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Staying Informed: May 2017

Can I just insure my aircraft for the loan amount instead of insuring it for its true value?

One of the most common and reoccurring questions we get involves proper valuation when insuring aircraft. Can I just insure...

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It’s Almost Spray Season!

Given that we’re about to hit full stride on spray season in the northern half of the US, I thought...

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Common Misconception: My Aircraft Is Fully Covered at the Shop.

Similar to questions about winterizing aircraft, we often hear owners tell us, “My aircraft is at the shop, so their...

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BasicMed Officially Effective May 1

We’ve heard from some people asking about BasicMed and whether it has any insurance implications. Great question! Although there are...

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SmoothPay Program: Fly Today. Pay Later.

We’ve officially launched SmoothPay — our in-house, flexible premium payment program! Our new program makes it easy to spread your premiums out over multiple months...

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Renters Insurance: Live Link on Our Website!

Whether you’re a student about to solo, a freelance CFI, or just wanting personal liability coverage, you can purchase it...

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Pilot Life Insurance: Get Your Quote Today!

We’ve partnered with one of the largest pilot life insurers in the country, which means that the same market reach...

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