aircraft mechanic in a red plaid shirt working on an engine

NATA Presentation: Liability in Choosing a Mechanic/Maintenance Facility

I’ve touched on this topic before and with some regularity over the last year or so. That is because it is a growing concern within the ranks of Part 145 repair stations, Part 65 certifications, and freelance A&Ps. In fact, it has become such a hot button topic that NATA made it a point to have a session dedicated to it at their conference. I, along with three other colleagues, addressed an audience of MRO executives, maintenance chiefs, FBO leaders, and others to speak specifically on the liability and insurance implications of choosing who works on your aircraft. We touched on diminution of value after a loss, insufficient coverage limits, ways to prevent an uncovered loss, debunking coverage myths, and much more. We actually ran well over our allotted time and into the next session, so we had to close down what was a very engaged audience (judging by the number of questions and hypotheticals we were getting). I’m happy to share the entire presentation or just address your specific questions/examples. I also have examples of how diminution of value is calculated and how much it costs to include in your policy. Please shoot me an email, and I’ll be happy to address any questions or concerns.