I’m pleased to report that the “Client Spotlight” section was so well received in its debut that it’ll now be a permanent feature of Squawk Box! This month, the spotlight turns to One World Flyers based out of Miami, Florida. If I had to pick the single greatest success story from the past year, One World Flyers might just be it. It was about this time last year that I received a call from Mr. Rehan Saddiqui with his idea/dream of starting a flight school. Being new to aviation, he had many questions about how to get started, what to look out for, what costs to expect, and so much more — as anyone would when starting a new venture. Mr. Saddiqui prefers phone calls over emails, which was a welcomed change for us because it meant we were able to impart as much wisdom as we could to him, and he was eager to learn.

Not long after our initial contact, Mr. Saddiqui purchased his first Piper PA 24-161, and his flight school was born. As the weeks rolled by, we seemed to speak almost every other day. He had questions about which CFIs to hire and pilots to rent to, and he was constantly on the prowl to find his second and third aircraft. Often, he’d tell me that he’d have meetings with individual owners on the weekends about acquiring their aircraft, and I told him I’d be standing by if he needed something from us on a Saturday or Sunday. I knew that we were the perfect fit for his bustling, growing business because he’d often have last-minute purchase deals that wouldn’t otherwise go through if we weren’t readily available to him. For his part, he always stood by his word that he’d let us know by a certain date/time if a deal was going through. Together, we helped him close and acquire 10, yes 10, aircraft in less than a year!

Now, One World Flyers operates on both coasts with bases in Florida and in California. Most recently, we played a small part in helping him safely evacuate seven of his aircraft from Hurricane Irma’s path by reimbursing a significant chunk of his relocation expenses through his insurance policy. It’s just the latest example in a string of great successes we’ve had together over this past year, and we look forward to growing along with him for years to come!