National Business Aviation Association — Convention Recap

NBAA has always been one of the annual staples in our trade show circuit. In fact, it was the very first trade show we ever exhibited at, and this year (our sixth consecutive) was just as productive and informative. Personally, I prefer when the show heads out west, because it allows us to see many of our Pacific-area clients. With that said, in addition to meeting with several underwriters from at least a half dozen carriers, we were able to show our appreciation to many of our West Coast clients for their support and business. It’s a whirlwind few days but worth every minute.

From an industry standpoint, the show keeps us at the forefront of not only all the insurance trends and products but also the business aviation trends and future. Between the two, it furthers our expertise in the field and allows us to have current and informed conversations with our clients. More than that, it ensures we have the latest knowledge with respect to carrier offerings, rates, and other pertinent data. We’re constantly seeking ways to better ourselves through operational efficiencies, industry expertise, and product knowledge.

This trade show allows us to do that and much more. I’ll have more information on the specifics of products, as well as any changes we’ll be incorporating, in future editions of this newsletter. Stay tuned!