CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Skyline Drones, LLC, Houston, TX

It’s no secret that the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)/drone industry has really taken off in 2017 (pardon the pun). Drones and drone services have opened doors to a multitude of new aviation enthusiasts, new career fields, and new ways of viewing our world. We’re excited and proud to be on the forefront of this industry as it relates to insuring it. This month’s spotlight shines on a company that is the perfect example of all the above, Skyline Drones, based in Houston, Texas.

Karl Schwab, the company’s chief pilot and CEO, and I connected on a referral from DataWing Global (, the nation’s preeminent drone services network, with whom we have a tremendous relationship. After a few quick emails and calls, we had a solid understanding of their business, their operations, and what they needed to have covered — and trust me, Skyline Drones is a very capable and versatile business. Their fleet of 10 drones allows them to offer services in over seven different fields, everything from real estate photography to inspection services to mapping/surveying.

Additionally, they played a pivotal role in the days and weeks following Hurricane Harvey’s destruction throughout southeast Texas. For anything drone related, there isn’t a job too large or too small, so if you’re in need, give Karl a call! Tell him we sent you.

Check them out online for additional details and samples of their work: