Your Local Field Mechanic Vs. an Established Part 145 Repair Station

Are there insurance incentives to use certified and insured Part 145 repair stations? Certainly.

Let’s say an aircraft owner decides not to use a Part 145 repair station and instead uses a local mechanic on the field. Let’s also assume that this mechanic is not insured to the limits of most reputable 145 stations, and that the aircraft is later involved in a loss that is related to the workmanship of the mechanic.

We come across this exact situation at least once a month. While there are pros to using your local field mechanic, depending on what work you’re having done and what kind of equipment you operate, the cons often far outweigh them.

Often the insurance costs for a “one-man band” in the maintenance world can be prohibitive (i.e., $5,000+). So many don’t buy it or can’t afford it for their freelance work. Therefore, the licensed, freelance A&P you pulled over from the neighboring hangar to save time and a buck isn’t necessarily insured for the work they’re performing on your aircraft. It’s a risk you take but probably don’t realize. If the aircraft in question is a light single-engine piston, there may not be much exposure. However, if we’re talking light twins and up, there’s a real issue.