What Does An Aircraft Renter’s Policy Cover?

What Does An Aircraft Renter’s Policy Cover?

If you are a pilot in training, are borrowing another’s aircraft, or are renting an aircraft, you’ve most likely heard of a renter’s policy. What exactly does a renter’s policy do for you?

A renter’s policy, sometimes referred to as a “non-owned” policy, will cover the following:

  • Damage to the aircraft you are flying
  • Bodily injury to a third party
  • Property damage to a third party
  • Legal defense if necessary

Part of knowing how much insurance you will need will depend on the type of aircraft you will be flying and what your rental agreement requires. If you plan on flying several different types of aircraft, we recommend that your policy reflect coverage for the highest-value aircraft. In addition, the typical liability limits on this type of policy are $1,000,000 for each occurrence and $100,000 for each person. This may increase depending on your situation. To some this may seem like a bit of overkill, but keep in mind while you are the pilot you are not only responsible for damage to the aircraft, but also for all losses to other people and property caused by the incident. You can imagine how quickly the amount of responsibility escalates.

As with any decision this important, the best start is to review your quote or policy, and read through the coverage provided, paying attention to all exclusions. Your agent can assist you with any questions and ensure you understand what you are paying for. Always be sure to work with a knowledgeable insurance agent for personal recommendations. 

  • Supplemental coverage lines — keep in mind. We are an aviation insurance agency at heart, but we do have many supplemental coverage lines to help round out your program. Here are a few of the popular and most common supplemental coverage lines we offer:
  • Property: Hangars, tugs, GPUs, spray systems, camera balls, office contents, mechanic tools, and more
    • Workers’ Compensation: Pilots, crew, ground personnel, shop workers, dispatchers, and more
    • Commercial Auto: Courtesy cars, ground support vehicles, shuttles, and more
    • Loss of License: Coverage for your income if you lose your medical (for a variety of reasons) and therefore lose your pilot license
    • Professional Services: Directors & officers, errors & omissions, negligent instruction, design/build, and consultants
    • Transit: Coverage for items shipped by any conveyance, anywhere in the country

All our supplemental coverage lines are designed to address exposures related to the aircraft or aviation business. The idea is that we can button up our clients’ insurance program so they can keep as much of their coverage in one place as possible, knowing there aren’t any gaps. If it’s not listed above, that doesn’t mean we don’t offer it. Call us today to discuss!