Navigating the “New Normal”.

First and foremost, from everyone at ASI, we hope you and your families are staying healthy and safe during this unprecedented time. The past month has been unlike anything anyone has ever experienced –– we’re all learning on the fly and doing the best we can to navigate what has become a vastly different “normal.” 

For our part, we’re trying to help our operators most affected by this pandemic in any way we can. Various stay-home orders have shut down non-essential businesses, which have been crippling to small commercial operations. We’re continuously working with our carriers to find ways we can mitigate, defer, or otherwise change coverage to get through this period of inactivity. Every case is different so each one requires a bit of creativity and concession from operator and carrier alike. 

We’re doing whatever it takes to make that happen for those who need it most and in nearly every case, we’re able to find a solution that works to help ease the expense burden while the world awaits the “all clear” to step back into our regular ways of life. Until then, we wish you all continued health and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone back in the sky soon!