Aircraft (and Normalcy) Hopefully Returning to Service

To say the last few months have been challenging on all levels would be the understatement of the century. However, as of the time of this publishing, many states, businesses, and people have taken steps towards reopening and returning to their normal lives, even if it’s still a bit abnormal. 

As we all look to reintegrate, we must heed the precautions and advisements so we don’t repeat the past few months in the future. In regards to aviation, part of that reintegration involves returning aircraft to service. In many cases, aircraft have been grounded either by government order or voluntarily by operators and owners. 

Regardless of the reason, as you bring your aircraft out of storage, please take inventory of any changes you made to your coverage since all of this began. Every policy is different, every operator’s situation is different, and every carrier is different. This means most operators had a solution that was unique to them. 

We realize most are eager to get back flying, just make sure to check back with your agent if you made any changes a few months ago!