Supplemental Coverage Lines

We are an aviation insurance agency at heart but we do have many supplemental coverage lines to help round out your program. Here are a few of the popular, or most common supplemental coverage lines we offer.

  • Property: Hangars, tugs, GPUs, spray systems, camera balls, office contents, mechanic’s tools, and more
  • Workers Comp: Pilots, crew, ground personnel, shop workers, dispatchers, and more
  • Commercial Auto: Courtesy cars, ground support vehicles, shuttles, and more
  • Loss of License: Coverage for your income if you lose your medical (for a variety of reasons) and therefore, lose your pilot license
  • Professional Services; Directors and officers, errors and omissions, negligent instruction, design/build consultants
  • Transit: Coverage for items shipped by any conveyance, anywhere in the country

All of these supplemental coverage lines (and more) are designed to address exposures related to the aircraft or aviation business. We can button up our insurance program so you can keep as much of your coverage in one place as possible, knowing there aren’t any gaps. If it’s not listed above, it doesn’t mean we don’t offer it. Call us today to discuss!