Considerations Before Purchasing/Upgrading to a New Aircraft

  • Are there endorsements that need to be acquired?
  • Have you reviewed the airplane flight manual?
  • Have you spent adequate time with an instructor on the ground to learn the systems and performance?
  • Have you spent time in the air with a CFI flying maneuvers, takeoffs, and landings?
  • Does the aircraft meet your needs? Consider your typical flight as well as your favorite destination.
  • A larger or more complex aircraft usually means more money.
  • Contact your insurance broker: You need to be sure to know any/all training requirements and hours needed based on your current experience. This may be different than FAA requirements, and you will want to be sure that you are able insure the new aircraft. Depending on your experience and the new aircraft, there may be a significant number of hours that you will need to fly with a CFI prior to flying solo. By checking with your broker, you can avoid any surprises and prevent being in a position where you can’t insure your new aircraft.