Spring Flying

Spring (Policy) Cleaning

After what seemed like a never-ending winter, I suspect everyone is eagerly anticipating the transition to consistent spring weather. Now that we’re (hopefully) nearing the end of the pandemic, we’ll undoubtedly see an increase in vacations, family events, summer planning, airplane trips, and so many other fun activities. In the excitement of planning, it’s easy to forget about the less exciting obligations.

Whether it’s your flight physical, a dentist visit, or maybe even an oil change, there are certain annual events that we simply don’t look forward to as much as others. Nonetheless, that lack of excitement shouldn’t discount their importance. Routine maintenance is a critical part of our everyday lives, whether we’re talking about our aircraft, our homes, or even our bodies.

An oft-forgotten or overlooked item that should also be on that list is your insurance policy. We’re not saying you have to do something drastic like re-read your policy (because everyone reads it at least once, right?), but it is worth taking a step back every so often to think about the state of your aircraft and your operation. Ask yourself: has anything changed with my company? Do I offer more services? Has my aircraft value changed? Have I added any pilots lately? Am I planning a trip outside the US?

The answers to these questions may change throughout a policy year, especially with commercial operators. In the pursuit of business growth, it is critical that you make sure your insurance policy is keeping pace with your operation’s evolution. The policy you bound six or eight months ago may not fully cover what you’re doing now, so it’s always best to “take inventory” of what may have changed since then. If you have any doubts or questions, then by all means, give us a call.