Travis Ludlow

UPDATE on Travis Ludlow: The Youngest Pilot to Fly Solo Around the World

Following up on our post last month introducing you to Travis Ludlow — now, some 30 days later, Travis has traversed North America and is about to head northeast into Greenland. For those who don’t know, Travis Ludlow is attempting to become the youngest pilot ever to circumnavigate the globe. The journey started in White Waltham, UK, on May 29, and at the time of this writing, Travis finds himself in eastern Canada, although he’ll likely be farther east by publication.

You can follow his progress in real time via

For our part, we helped Travis and his team secure the necessary coverage for the vast majority of his journey. As one might imagine, a young aviator, by himself, attempting to fly around the world is no small task. It took a village, but the spirit of the trip and a mutual passion for aviation eventually led everyone to make it happen. It’s always fun to see new aviators with big goals; it’s even more fun when you can help them achieve those goals. We hope you will check in on and follow Travis to the conclusion of his trip. For more info: