Hope You’re Having a Great Summer!

Where has this year gone? Seems like yesterday we were writing about best practices for getting your aircraft out of winterization, and now we’re a few weeks away from fall! We hope everyone had and is having a great summer of flying. As we move into fall and back-to-school season, schedules may change which may result in a change of flight activity. Use this time to take quick inventory of your aircraft status; meaning, recap any changes that may have occurred during the non-stop summer months: things like changes in value resulting from upgrades or mods to the aircraft, changes in pilot roster, and more. It’s always good to take inventory from time to time, just to make certain nothing falls through the cracks. A good rule of thumb is to do this at each season change, given that weather patterns, schedules, and flight activity may all also change around the same time. As always, we’re here for anything you need. We appreciate your support, value your business, and hope you had a great summer!