FAA Policy Change

Quick Tip on Policy Efficiency: Tell Us Exactly What You Want

As with all professional services companies, we’re constantly fielding questions, requests, interpretations of language, etc. We’re happy to educate and help people better understand what it is they’re buying. In fact, the most inquisitive policyholders are some of the most enjoyable to talk with! That being said, whether you’re calling for a quick question or calling for a language interpretation, there’s an efficient way to go about it to get the answer you’re looking for.

More often than not, questions/requests start off very generic. Something like “Is this use covered?” or “Does this pilot meet my OPW?” If they don’t like the answer, the tone can turn negative: “I thought this was always included!” or “How can he not be covered, he’s got 1,000 hours!” Rather than ask broad, generic questions (and, in turn, get broad, generic answers), tell us exactly what it is you want. Instead of “Is this use covered?” or “Does this pilot meet my OPW?” go with “I’d like to include ____ use, if it isn’t already included” or “Let me know what I have to do to get this pilot added.” This method solves two things: 1) Inefficiency. Instead of starting broad and narrowing it down, you’re just telling us what you want up front. 2) it keeps the tone positive and light. The element of ambiguity is removed, which is paramount in determining coverage applicability.

The point is that the policies are typically accommodating to most logical requests; even if there’s a premium impact, most things that make business sense can be approved. Rather than take the policy at face value, just tell us what you want, and we’ll run it up the flagpole. You’ll be pleasantly surprised in most cases!