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How To: Help Yourself at Renewal

Many policyholders have expressed frustration over conservative underwriting and a lack of renewal options. And as markets grow increasingly conservative on coverage, policies have grown ever more restrictive on pilots. For example, make and model-specific pilot training requirements have replaced the traditional, flexible pilot warranties. Other pilots saw increased premiums and lower liability limits based on their age.

However, we are seeing some signs of increased competition again, which could result in less conservative underwriting. As we wait to see what the future holds, we encourage you to take advantage of this present moment and learn how to better sell yourself and your operation when it comes time for renewal.

Follow these tips:

  1. Highlight what sets you apart from other pilots or operators. Create a list of specific areas where you excel.
  2. Take your recurrent training seriously. It doesn’t hurt to go above and beyond the base-level requirements.
  3. If you have suffered losses, explain what happened, but focus more on the steps you’ve taken to mitigate the exposures.
  4. Build and maintain a relationship with your underwriter. Your broker might be able to set up a meeting time and place. An in-person visit is ideal, but even a video call can help humanize you as a pilot or operator.
  5. Don’t delay in returning your renewal information to your aviation insurance broker. Dragging your feet can leave a bad impression and hurt your cause.