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Staying Informed: Helpful Articles

Never Make Assumptions

I’ve got a friend who’s a qualified pilot and has tons of experience in my make/model. He asked to fly...

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The More We Know, the Better the Quote

I gave my broker some basic information so I could get a quote. The indication looked good, so I filled...

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Preparing for Takeoff: Make Sure You're Insured

I sold my aircraft and told the buyer that I’d keep insurance on the ship until he can get his...

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Revisiting contractual liability

Just because you agree to something doesn’t mean your insurance policy follows suit. As commercial operations go, it’s part of...

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The Pros and Cons of Using Your Local Field Mechanic vs. an Established 145 Repair Station

Let’s say the owner of an aircraft makes the decision to use a non-145 repair station and uses local mechanics...

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I’m an approved pilot on my friend’s insurance policy, but I’m not a named pilot

I’m an approved pilot on my friend’s insurance policy, but I’m not a named pilot. What’s the difference? Am I...

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What if my mechanic needs to take my aircraft for a test flight; will my insurance cover this flight?

As spring arrives, so do all the aircraft that were hibernating during the winter months. Aircraft are coming out of...

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What if I experience a claim; how will that affect my premium?

Paralleling one of the articles above — in relation to claims, the number one question we get is, “How will this...

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What if I sign a contract that obligates me to things outside the scope of my policy?

As commercial operations go, it’s part of the day-to-day business to bid on jobs. For every job, there inevitably exists...

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Does my renter's policy apply?

I have my personal renter’s insurance policy, and I’m planning on renting my friend’s airplane this weekend. Although I don’t...

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