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Staying Informed: Helpful Articles

Company Liability for Employee Travel

A growing trend that we’re starting to see more of is when a business owner makes his/her personal aircraft available...

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Insurance Hinges on Underlying Integrity

We don’t often post or comment on current events, but the attached article is noteworthy, relevant, and a cautionary tale...

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I don’t really want to buy hull insurance, but my bank is requiring it. Therefore, I’m only going to buy enough hull insurance to satisfy my loan requirement. Is that OK?

One of the most common questions I am asked involves finding a proper value to insure an aircraft. The important...

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I’m an approved pilot on my friend’s insurance policy, but I’m not a named pilot. What’s the difference? Am I exposed?

Every so often we also get the, “Can I be sued if there’s an accident?” question. Technically speaking, anyone can...

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Can I just insure my aircraft for the loan amount instead of insuring it for its true value?

One of the most common and reoccurring questions we get involves proper valuation when insuring aircraft. Can I just insure...

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